Review: Spooky sleep-out

Sesame Street – Spooky sleep-out

sppoky sleep out

  • Publisher: Holiday House Inc
  • Pages: 32
  • Part of a series: Yes, there are many books of the people in Sesame Street.
  • Summary: Elmo and his friends are excited about their very first sleep-out. But then it get more sookier then they have expected it would be.
  • Review: I found this book at a flee market  and was very happy about it. In my opinion it is a wonderful book to talk about crazy noises in the night especial when you sleep or walk outside. Maybee it can help that children are not so much afraid any more because they learn that normally the spooky noises have simply explanations like an owl ore leafs. Elmo and his friends let us participate in their experiences what is wonderful like the whole story is wonderful, too. I am sure many kids will love it and lear english without noticing it and on topic they fight against fear in the night. I can recommend it to teachers,parents ore other people, who like to read easy english books with their kids.
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Review: Too many Pumpkins

Linda White – Too many Pumpkins


  • Publisher: Holiday House Inc
  • Pages: 32
  • Part of a series: Nö
  • Summary: Rebecca hates Pumpkins because, when she was little she always has to eat them the whole day. But then when she has become older a pumpkin even falls on her yard and she has to mange it.
  • Review: I found this book at a flee market and I knew immediately that I had to by it, even if I only knew the cover. Now I have read the story I know it is great not only for Halloween, it is a story, which could be wonderful I many topics like, harvest, vegetables, chances, mistakes, talking about the past and how things can become better than they seem at the beginning. I love Rebecca and her way to manage the problem with the pumpkin ist great even if it does not work so well. The end ist so wonderful – I like it so much… I am sure children will love this story, too. Not only because of the wonderful content but because of the beautiful pictures and last but not leaf because of Rebecca and her cat Estelle. And maybe that book helps even that people begin to see a food or thing, they hate, in a new way and give it a second chance. So I can recommend to all people – it is a wonderful book.
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Review: What´s the Weather?

Maureen Roffey – What´s the Weather?

What´s the Weather

  • Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books
  • Pages: 32
  • Part of a series: Yes, there are more books with „What´s the…“ questions from Maureen Roffey.
  • Summary: A little girl every day looks out of her window to the what is the weather like today. The she goes out with suitable clothing and his friend the little dog.
  • Review: Wen have april now and so I think weather is a perfekt topic for young english learners. I love this book because of the wonderful pictures and the easy story – children can lear to ask the question „What is the weather like today?“ very easily and discover the answers. A very nice idea is, that the girl alway is the same, there are little cubes in the pages in which her face always appears after you turn the page when the has asked about the weather again. I will use it in my english class and can only recommend it to english-teachers and adults of you children – it is so nice and perfekt to talk about the weather with children.
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Review: Mouse Paint

Ellen Stoll Welsh – Mouse Paint


  • Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers
  • number of pages: 32
  • Part of a series: No
  • Contents: There are three white mice, which play with colors.
  • Review: I am an english teacher in primary school. The last weeks we practiced colors and so this book was perfect for my kids . An they liked it the way I did it before. It is very funny and easy to understand because of the big pictures. I can recommend this book to all children and adults, especial to teach colors and the way they mix.
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Rezension:Der unheimliche Passagier/ Review: The Mysterios Passenger

Woods Delaney – Der unheimliche Passagier / The Mysterious Passenger

Das Buch stammt aus einem Dreierpack sog. „Sprachen – Lernkrimi – Englisch“. (Daher auch die drei Abbildungen.) Es ist ein ganz besonderes Buch, denn es soll dem Leser helfen Englisch zu lernen. Deshalb wird der komplett englischsprachiger Krimi immer wieder von Übungen (auf deutsch erklärt) unterbrochen.
Daher schreibe ich auch die Rezension zweisprachig.

  • Verlag / Publisher: Verlag an der Ruhr
  • Seitenzahl/ number of pages: 96
  • Teil einer Serie/ Part of a series: Ja – Es gibt noch mehr Bücher der Serie Sprachen – Lernkrimi – Englisch. Yes —there are many books of the series called „Sprachen – Lernkrimi – Englisch“
  • Inhalt / Contents:
     Geoffrey Jones ist Versicherungssachbearbeiter und mit dem Zug auf einer Reise von Schottland nach London. Im Zug fallen im merkwürdige Dinge auf : Männer wechseln die Kleidung und der Zug macht einen außerplanmäßigen Zwischenstop. Für Jones gibt es nur eine Erklärung nachdem er in der Tageszeitung von einem Anschlag gelesen hat, er ist sich sicher, dass sich Terroristen Im Zug befinden. Er beschließt zu handeln!
     While travelling to London by train, Geoffrey notices weird things happening. It is only when he reads the newspaper the next day that he realises he must act!
  • Rezension/ Review:
     Ein toller, wenn auch leicht zu durchschauender Krimi, der mir wirklich Freude beim Englischlernen bereitet hat. Besonders lustig, da ich mich selbst bald auf die Reise von London nach Schottland machen. Ich kann das Buch wirklich weiterhelfen, denn die Gesichte macht Spass und die Übungen helfen wirklich beim Lernen der Sprache.
     A funny book, which helps me train my English and read a exciting story at the same time. I can recommend this book to other people, who want to become better in Englisch, too.
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