Review: Spooky sleep-out

Sesame Street – Spooky sleep-out

sppoky sleep out

  • Publisher: Holiday House Inc
  • Pages: 32
  • Part of a series: Yes, there are many books of the people in Sesame Street.
  • Summary: Elmo and his friends are excited about their very first sleep-out. But then it get more sookier then they have expected it would be.
  • Review: I found this book at a flee market  and was very happy about it. In my opinion it is a wonderful book to talk about crazy noises in the night especial when you sleep or walk outside. Maybee it can help that children are not so much afraid any more because they learn that normally the spooky noises have simply explanations like an owl ore leafs. Elmo and his friends let us participate in their experiences what is wonderful like the whole story is wonderful, too. I am sure many kids will love it and lear english without noticing it and on topic they fight against fear in the night. I can recommend it to teachers,parents ore other people, who like to read easy english books with their kids.
  • Evaluation: