Review: Too many Pumpkins

Linda White – Too many Pumpkins


  • Publisher: Holiday House Inc
  • Pages: 32
  • Part of a series: Nö
  • Summary: Rebecca hates Pumpkins because, when she was little she always has to eat them the whole day. But then when she has become older a pumpkin even falls on her yard and she has to mange it.
  • Review: I found this book at a flee market and I knew immediately that I had to by it, even if I only knew the cover. Now I have read the story I know it is great not only for Halloween, it is a story, which could be wonderful I many topics like, harvest, vegetables, chances, mistakes, talking about the past and how things can become better than they seem at the beginning. I love Rebecca and her way to manage the problem with the pumpkin ist great even if it does not work so well. The end ist so wonderful – I like it so much… I am sure children will love this story, too. Not only because of the wonderful content but because of the beautiful pictures and last but not leaf because of Rebecca and her cat Estelle. And maybe that book helps even that people begin to see a food or thing, they hate, in a new way and give it a second chance. So I can recommend to all people – it is a wonderful book.
  • Evaluation: