Review: Mr Plug the Plumber

Allan Ahlberg  – Mr Plug the Plumber


  • Publisher: Puffin
  • number of pages: 24
  • Part of a series: No. But there are many books in the „happy families“ series oft Puffin books.
  • Contents:
    Mrs Plug isn´t a normal woman. The has an unusual job – she is a plumber.
  • Review: I bought the book during my trip to Glasgow last summer. It was pure chance to find it on a bargain counter. The story is wonderful because of being so different. Mrs Plug is such a great person. Children can learn that they don´t have to be „normal“ to be happy and that some people have unusual jobs. So they maybe try to find out what they really want to become and are honest to themselves. I can recommend it to all people, children and adults, especial teachers in primary schools.
  • Evaluation: