Review: Snore

Michael Rosen & Jonathan Langley – Snore! A noisy night for dozy dog


  • Publisher: Puffin
  • Pages: 24
  • Part of a series: Yes, there are many other books with the farm-animals and its Snore.
  • Summary: All is quiet on the farm. The animals are fast asleep. Until Dog starts to snore! One by one, the other animals try to stop him: Sheep says Boo! the piglets giggle and Cat even tries to sing. But Dog snores on until morning, when, fresh as a daisy, he wakes up ready for a new day. By then, the other animals are so tired, all they can do is SNORE! This is a re-issue in a larger format and with a new cover, of the successful paperback, SNORE! It is companion title to OWW!!, also by Michael Rosen. Both books tell simple stories of life in the farmyard for children just ready for their first picturebook. Michael Rosen easy-to-read stories and poems, full of fun and drama are agelessly popular with both the youngest children and their parents. (
  • Review: I like this book about sleeping and snoring animals very mich and I think it is a wonderful book for the topic „farm animals“ as well as the well known „Old Macdonald„. I can recommend it to everyone, it is funny and you can learn english with it very easily.
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Review: The Pop-Up Farm

Rod Campbell – The Pop-Up Farm

The Pop-Up Farm

  • Publisher: Campbell Books Ltd
  • Pages: 16
  • Part of a series: No
  • Summary: A little mouse goes its way over the farm. She meets many farm animals including the cat.
  • Review: I still love the story of Old MacDonald and his farm (Book: Old MacDonald had a farm) and the funny song we all know. But I was searching for an other very simple book, for children, who are very new in learning english or for whom it is very hard to understand english books. So I found this book „The  Pop-Up Farm“ and I like it very much. It is much action in it and it has got a funny little story – I love this mouse. And it was fun to discover the pages ans look for the little mouse. So it is perfect in my opinion and so I can recommend it to all of you.
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Review: Old MacDonald has a farm

Karma Wilson – Old MacDonald has a farm

Old Macdonals

  • Publisher: Simon and Schuster
  • number of pages: 4
  • Part of a series: No
  • Contents:
    Old Mac Donald has a farm and we meet many farm-animals and hear their sounds an four clever cut pages.
  • Review:
    I bought this book in Glasgow an had knows the story, which is a song, too, before and was happy to find such a wonderful book. I will take it with me to school and talk with my class about farm-animals and their sounds and sings the song. Sure that will be fun. I can recommend this version aof Old MacDonald especially for the little ones.
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