Review: The Pop-up Farm

Maureen Roffy – The Pop-up Farm

The Pop-Up Farm

  • Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books
  • Pages: 8
  • Part of a series: No
  • Summary: Mice don´t like cats. So does a mouse on a farm and so she finds her way through the farm without meeting one. Every animal she meets makes the reader of the story discover a new pop-up item or pull-the-tab feature.
  • Review: I was looking for a book with animals for young german children in primary school, which learn english as a subject in school. They like to look at books and learn new topics better and with much more fun. So I was very happy, when I found this wonderful book. I am sure, my children will love it too. Especial the pop-up and pull-the-tab elements make it so funny to explore and the mouse and it cat-problem even more. I can only recommend it to other readers, teachers and parents.
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Review: Library Mouse

Daniel Kirk – Library Mouse 


  • Publisher: AbramsBooks
  • number of pages: 32
  • Part of a series: Yes, there are many other books with Library Mouse
  • Contents: Sam is a mouse, living in a library – a real Library Mouse. He creates and writes stories and leaves the different bits of his stories in different parts of the library where humans find them and want to know of whom the stories are.
  • Review: I love to read books and I like to tell own stories when I was little.Sam is wonderfull and he makes us understand which power stories and even bits of stories can have and how easy ist is to write a own story. Every child can to it like Sam does. I can recommend this book to all children and adult, which love books the way I do.
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Review: 10 Little Rubber Ducks

Eric Carle – 10 Little Rubber Ducks


  • Publisher: HarperCollins Children´s Book
  • number of pages: 36
  • Part of a series: No
  • Contents:
    Ten rubber ducks are start their journey on ship, when a storm comes. So the captain shouts “ 10 rubber ducks overboard“ and for the rubber ducks a big adventure begins to take place…
  • Review: I bought the book during my trip to Glasgow last summer. An from the beginning until now I love it. And my class loves it, too.The pictures are very beautiful and the story of the rubber ducks wonderful and with much phantasy. Little children can learn the numbers ans names of some animals while reading it and start to dream of being one of this little rubber ducks and experience nice things like them by their own. It is great that the book comes with a CD, so you can listen to the book even if their is no one, you can read it and you can hear someone speaking in his mother tongue.  I can recommend it to all people, children and adults.
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Review: Endymion Spring

Matthew Skelton – Endymion Spring

  • Publisher: Puffin
  • number of pages: 444
  • Part of a series: No
  • Contents:
    Blake is a boy, living together with his mother and little sister in Oxford, St. Jerome´s College. Often he spends his time in the library. One day he finds a strange book, which bites him and has first only blank pages and then after a few moment suddenly appearing letters. The letters aren´t easy to understand for the boy and can only seen by him… Many years before the mystery has begun in dark times…
  • Review:
    The book was recommended to me by a friend and it was real fun to read it. But because I only read it in the evenings it took long time to read it and I often forgot important things. So it is my fault and nothing wrong withe the book that I could not say it is wonderful. I think I can recommend it to all readers of exciting, mystery books but you have to read it without long breaks to have much fun.
  • Evaluation: