Review: Christmas Chaos for the Hundred-Mile-An-Hour-Dog

Jeremy Strong – Christmas Chaos for the Hundred-Mile-An-Hour-Dog

  • Publisher: Penguin Books / Puffin Books
  • number of pages: 132
  • Part of a series: Yes – there are many books about Streaker the Hundred-Mile-An-Hour-Dog.
  • Contents:
    Streaker is the dog of Travor, the boy who tells the story what was happening shortly before Christmas one year. Streaker is a dog, who is brilliant at many things, but most she is brilliant at getting in trouble. One day Travor goes for a walk together with his friend Tina, Streaker and her puppies, when something mysterious happens to Streakers puppies -they disappear. The two children and Streaker start to look for the puppies and to find out, who kidnapped the pups. But it isn´t easy to rescue them…
  • Review:
    This book was really funny to read. In my opinion it is not only a good book for children but also for adults, who like funny stories. It is a good book for the days before Christmas, for rainy and dark days and it made me laugh many times. The story is funny – most because of Streaker and Mouse, who is Tina´s dog. I like the special way the story is told, it was funny and easy to understand. But the best thing additional I think are the wonderful pictures, which aren´t only loved by little children. Thanks to the sister of my boyfriend, who has recommended this book to me.
  • Evaluation: