Review: Elmer again

David McKee – Elmer again

  • Publisher: Andersen Press (Verlag an der Este)
  • Number of pages: 30
  • Part of a series: Yes —there are many books about Elmer, the patchwork elephant.
  • Contents:
    Elmer, the patchwork elephant, is bored. It is the day before the day when all the other elephants paint themselves in different colors. All elephants are thinking about how they want to look like, all except Elmer – he will paint himself grey as he does every year. But while walking around Elmer has an new idea to make this day special again, especially for him and make a fool of the other elephants.
  • Review:
    I love Elmer and I love this story about him, too. I think there will be no story with this wonderful elephant which I don´t like. As alway the pictures are beautiful and the story very nice with a little surprise. And like we know it from the other stories about Elmer he teaches us again what it means to be special and unique. I am sure, that adults and children will love this book in the same way, so I can only recommend this book to you.
  • Evaluation: