Review: Supernaturalist

Eoin Colfer – Wishlist

  • Publisher: Puffin Book
  • number of pages: 273
  • Part of a series: No
  • Contents:
    Cosmo is a 14-jears old boy and he lives in a gruesome orphanage. One day he runs away and becomes bad injured. He is close to death when he is rescued my a mysterious trio. Together with them he starts to fight against evil parasites, which only a few people are able to see. A big adventure changes the live of Cosmo and many new things make his live special  while not everything is the way it seems to be…
  • Review:
    I loved the stories about Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer and so I decided to read some other books. That was a very good choice. „Wishlist“ , the first other book is a great, but „Supernaturalist“ is much better. I really love this book. It is exciting from beginning to end and I like the story very much because of the wonderful charakters and the way the story goes and how it was able to surprise me many times. The book told me to remember again that the things often are not the way you think when you see them first. It makes you give the things / people a second chance and try to find out how they really are. I can really recommend it to you.
  • Evaluation: