Review: Stories of Tiffany Aching

Terry Pratchett – Stories of Tiffany Aching

  1. The Wee Fee Man
  2. A Hat Ful of Sky
  3. Wintersmith
  4. I Shall Wear Midnight
  • Publisher : CORGI CHILDRENS
  • number of pages : 1. 327, 2. 374, 3. 357, 4. 423
  • Part of a series:  Yes – 4 book, which belong to the story of Tiffany Aching
  • Contents:
    1. Tiffany Aching is a nine year old girl, who has to rescue her little brother Wentworth from the Queen of the Fairies. Her Grandma has just died, but there is her shepherding hut. Granny Aching’s example and the memory of her strength helps her to win against the Queen oft the fairy with a frying pan as her only weapon. But she is supported by pictsies, the Wee Fee Men or Nac Mac Feegles, how they call themselves. Little blue men, who like to fight, steal an drink. The Feegles want her for their new hag, successor of Granny Aching, Tiffany’s Grandma. They help Tiffany to free her brother and teach her what her duties are as witch of her land, the Chalk.
    2. Eleven years old Tiffany learns, what it means to be a real witch. Her teacher is Miss Level, a woman with two bodies.
    3. Dancing with the Wintersmith has big consequences for thirteen years old Tiffany Aching, because the Wintersmith has fallen in love with her. She needs the help of the Feegles and of Summer, to let Spring come back to the Chalk.
    4. Tiffany is a grown up witch now and she has to fight against an evil creature.
  • Review:
    First I read the second book „Wintersmith“, which I liked most of all four books, after I knew all of them. But I would recommend to read them in the correct order. And I liked them all an the way the story develops while Tiffany is growing up. I like the Feegles very much, how they talk an act. And I love Horace the cheese.
  • Evaluation: