Review: Skulduggery Pleasant

Derek Landry – Skulduggery Pleasant

  • Publisher: Harper Collins
  • number of pages: 380
  • Part of a series: Yes, there are more parts.
  • Contents:
    The life of the twelve years old Stephanie changes after her uncle has died. He gets a house and meets Skulduggery Pleasant, a living skeleton. Together with him a big adventure begins and Stephanies life isn’t the way it has been before.
  • Review:
    The book was recommended to me of a friend of mine and I loved it the same way she did. The story is great, I like the characters, most Skulduggery and Stephanie. It is unbelievable, how she acts, especial for her young age. I am locking forward to read how live goes on for this special skeleton and tough girl. To lovers of magic I can recommend this book.
  • Evaluation: