Review: The amazing Maurice and his educaded rodents

Terry pratchett- The amazing Maurice and his educated rodents

  • Publisher: Gorgi Books
  • number of pages: 277
  • Part of a series: No
  • Contents:
    A Discoworld-Story about rats and pipers and the tomcat Maurice, who is streetwise and the leader of a band of educated rodents. They earn much money until someone playing a different tune is coming along and they learn that things can be different: evil.
  • Review:
    I liked all the books by Terry Pratchett, that I have read so far and I liked this one, too. I liked it very much, indeed. The story is real fun and I think I will never think about rats as I did before. And I think it is a wonderful example of the power education has and how strong little beings can be if they believe in themselves and work together. In my opinion it is a good book for young readers, to teach them about these topics, but for adults too. Children learn what being different means and that it is only in the way we think. I can recommend it to all people, who like the books of Terry Prachett and especially to those who don´t like rats, like I did too before reading this funny story.
  • Evaluation: