Review: Wishlist

Eoin Colfer – Wishlist

  • Publisher: Puffin Book
  • number of pages: 200
  • Part of a series: No
  • Contents:
    Meg  is a girl, that hast wanted to steal something from an elderly person called Lowrie. But her crime doesn´t work well an her partner killes her in the end. When she arives in heaven / hell something special happens because she has done as much bad as good things in her live. So she gets a second chance by helping Lowrie, who is very ill do what he has noticed to be done before death at his Wishlist. But the bad side doesn´t want her to mange this…
  • Review:
    I loved the stories about Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer and so I decided to read some other books. That was a very good choice. „Wishlist“ is a great book. Meg is a wonderful, lovely girl and Lowrie is very lovely, too. I liked to read, how the both get closer to each other and was very interested in finding out, what the points on the Wishlist are and how the mange to do it. The book is exciting till the end and funny, on many pages I had to laugh out loud. I can really recommend it to you.
  • Evaluation: