Review: Hunger Games 02. Catching Fire

Suzanne Collins – Hunger Games 02. Catching Fire

  • Publisher: Scholastic Us
  • Number of pages: 472
  • Part of a series: Yes, it is the second part of a trilogy.
  • Contents:
    Katniss and Peta have survived the Hunger Games and are enjoying their lives as Victors home in District 12. Without intending to do so, they create upheaval in the districts on their Victor’s tour. In its struggle to uphold its power over the people of Panem, the Capitol plots devious ploys against them. But a rebellion is about to start and sometimes help comes from people you’d least expect it from.
  • Review:
    I loved the first part of the series and was looking forward to read what happens next. And the second part is great, too. Only the end was a litle bit confusing to me. Why have so many people been ivolved in the revolution? But I can recommend the book to all readers and have bought the third part, too. I want to know, how everything ends.
  • Evaluation: