Review: Hunger Games 01.

Suzanne Collins – Hunger Games 01. 

  • Publisher: Scholastic Us
  • number of pages: 454
  • Part of a series: Yes, it is the first part of a trilogy.
  • Contents:
    Katniss is a sixteen years old girl living in future. Her home-country is separated in 12 districts and every year there are the „Hunger Games“, when two kids of each district fight against each other in a cruel reality show.
  • Review:
    I have heard much about this story and was looking forward to read it. I loved Katniss, Peter and some oft the other characters from the beginning till the end. Great how Suzann Collins develops the story. The last 150 pages I was not able to put away the book, me and my boyfriend used almost every minute to read and have been really excited how everything will end. It was wonderful. Hopefully the next part is as good as the first one was. I can recommend it to all readers, which like books, that take place on the future but the have to be old enough. In my opinion the book is nothing for young readers.
  • Evaluation: