Review: Elmer and the Big Bird

David McKee – Elmer and the Big Bird

  • Publisher: Andersen Press
  • number of pages: 32
  • Part of a series: Yes — there are many books with Elmer the Patchwork Elephant.
  • Contents:
    Elmer is a special elephant, he isn´t grey, he is blue, red, yellow, white and many other colors: the Patchwork Elephant. While playing with his cousin Wilibur he notices, that there are no birds singing in the trees. He finds out that they are frightened by a big bully, nasty bird. But Elmer helps them to get a normal life again – he has a wonderful plan how they all together can frighten the big, nasty bird. And it works.
  • Review:
    I really love all books of Elmer, because of the beautiful pictures an the funny stories. Her it is a wonderfulls story about how strong we can be if we work together and that nothing must be frightened  if you have friends like Elmer and a good idea. I think children and adults will love this story!
  • Evaluation: