Review: Find out about the United Kingdom

Gavin Mortimer – Find out about the United Kingdom

Find out about UK

  • Publisher: Barrons Educ Series
  • number of pages: 64
  • Part of a series: Yes, there are many other books of the „find out about“ series.
  • Contents:
    Many information about the UK you find in this book, each topic on a double page.
  • Review: I bought the book during my trip to Glasgow last summer. As an teacher in primary school with english as an subject I had to by it, when I saw it in the shop. And I love the book very much and my pupils, too. It is great for exploring the UK without being there. So I recommend it to all of you, who want am easy but wonderful book for children telling them about the UK. And it is good for adults, too :-).
  • Evaluation: