Review: Eldest

Christopher Paolini – Eldest

  • Publisher: Laurel-Leef Books
  • number of pages: 1016
  • Part of a series: Yes – it is the second out of four parts (Inheritance Cycle).
  • Contents:
    The story of Eragon and his dragon Saphira continues. He goes to the Elves for further training of his abilities and to learn more about magic. At home in Cravahall his cousin Roran starts his fight against the Ra´zac  and makes his people join to the Varden.
  • Review:
    I liked this book, too. Eragon becomes older, he falls in love and has to manage many different adventures and he learns that not everything is the way it seems to bee.  But  I think the first volume is a little bit better. Because the story is very long and sometime a little bit boring, we take a break from the “Inheritance Circle“ now and read another book (or two) before continuing with the third and fourth part. Sometimes I think the book had been better if it hadn’t been so long. I’d think, maybe half as long as it is. But the story is still great — big themes: Love, friendship, good and evil, loyalty are big words and the story tells much about them. I can understand that many people love it and I will surely read the last two  parts of this series.
  • Evaluation: 
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