Review: The Host

Stephenie Meyer – The Host

  • Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
  • number of pages : 617
  • Part of a series:  No
  • Contents:
    The main character is Melanie Stryder. She is one of the last human beings, who have not been invaded by one of the alien species, that take over the minds of the humans they live in. But one day she is implanted with a „soul“ inside her body, too. The „soul’s“ name is „Wanderer“ and she is special, because she learns from Melanie herself, who hasn´t completely vanished and maintains a mind of her own about what it means to be a human being.The thoughts of the two individuals in one body mingle and so after a while they both fall in love with Jared. But it isn´t easy to share your body with someone you don´t really like and to be still yourself. And step by step they try to find a way how they both can be happy.
  • Review:
    It  was a book, which I had read in German before and I decided to read it in English again to practice my English. And fortunately it worked, the language was good to understand. The story is wonderful and it was no problem to read it twice – so I could discover new details of the story which I hadn´t noticed when I read it for the first time. Melanie and Wanderer are two very lovely persons and I like it very much how they interact. The story is very exciting and I almost couldn’t put the book away when I had to do something else, even thought I remembered what comes next. I love the many lovely details of the lives of the characters, which are so wonderfully invented by Stephenie Meyer. It is impressing how strong love can be and how it finds its way. But the most incredible thing was, that Wanderer helps the others to get „souls“ out of human bodies – even herself out of Melanie’s. Many parts of the book make me cry a little bit because they are so sad and so wonderful at the same time. But the absolute highlight is the end – how it all becomes nearly perfect. I love it! And I think this book is much better than the Twighlight books everyone first remembers when you think of Stephenie Meyer. Everyone should read this book, too, I think.
  • Evaluation:  
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