Review: Mr Vertigo

Paul Auster – Mr. Vertigo 
  • Publisher : Faber & Faber
  • number of pages : 278
  • Part of a series:  No
  • Contents: The book starts in 1924. Walt is an orphan and a very special child. Mr Yehudi takes him away from his uncle to teach him how to levitate and to become a flying Wunderkind. It takes him three years until he masters flight and gives his first performance. But life isn´t easy and Walt experiences many different people and has many different jobs in the next years after he has to stop his career as an artist, because of heavy headaches he gets every time after flying.
  • Review:
    This  novel was recommended to me from by good friend of mine, who has read it before and love the story and the way it is told. So did I – the most of it. It is wonderful to accompany Walt and Master Yehudi during a time of their lives. My tears were dripping at end of the page where Mr. Yehudi wants Walt to shoot him and Walt isn´t able to. A very sad part of the story and I think that the story could better have ended here. The part of the book without Mr. Yehudi is the part I didn´t like so much. But it is nevertheless a good book to read till the end. Probably I would have liked it even more if the language hadn´t been so hard for me to understand and I had known more about the times and conditions in which the story takes place. But although I had have my problems it is my opinion, that it is a great book on the dream of human flight. It makes me think about the power of try and error and even love in a special way.
  • Evaluation: 
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